A Foggy Night at the Ljubljana Zalog Hump Yard Part 3  by  Misko Kranjec
     In the relatively short time-span of 30 minutes all three trains departed and I was left in a vacated yard. The only action going on was performed by the east-side switcher, pulling the assembled trains out of the bowl and onto the departure tracks, leaving them in wait for the absent locomotives. As each time the yard goat went for another train she had to pump the air into it, taking 10 to 15 minutes to do it, this action was too sporadic to keep me busy. The dampness and the cold started to creep into my body, so I decided to warm myself inside the crew room in the yard office building. Two switchmen were already inside, sipping their coffee and as soon as I persuaded the coffee vending machine to accept my crumpled banknote and spit out the cup of awful tasting black muck, I joined them. 

With the bad taste in my mouth but warmed somehow I left soon afterwards, as inside there was not much to do for me. It was only 3 am and I had still couple hours to spend somehow. Actually, I could go home and slip into my bunk in the dark; the problem was I was not sleepy at all the chill and the coffee did their task.

Now I had two options, either one postponing my return home to climb up the interlocking tower and annoy the guys up there for the next couple of hours, or to take a walk over the bowl and see what I can get there something I haven't done before. Of course this was the reason which prevailed and off I set to the 4 mile (two each way) walk into the damp and foggy terra incognita.
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