Willard Sightings Page 8 by Tom Boylan
Riding out 2nd place today on Q 635 was this B23-7R CSX 3185 with CSX 7916 leading 12/31/06
The Mexicans have returned with a different number this time on Q 378
Departing consist is csx 8850-UP 9158-FXE 3223-CSX 7912-CSX 4726  1/03/07
Modern artist at work on this boxcar 1/05/07
This was partof the Q 352-03 power X Trona Railway now HLCX AND csx 5900 1/06/07
A little diversity as CSX 699 backs to the yard to put his power in 8 1/2 track to wait for his train 1/05/07
This new special trolley car was dropped off Friday night in the Willard Pamida store parking lot. The car is going to Nebraska. The car only has a few single seats maybe 15 to 20 and the seats are not double occupancy and the rest of the car is for all wheelchairs with all doors slide ope and drop down ramps. The pantographs for the roof are laying inside on the floor for shipment to be installed after arrival. Unit will be in Willard until at least Monday befor moving on.  1/07/07
HLCX 6315 On Q 397 yesterday 1/08/07
Q 393 today produces a special boxcar that was painted for the Model Railroader 7oth Anniversary 12/30/06
CSX 5826 Waiting assignment in Willard Sunday afternoon on the crossover 1/08/07
One from the archives .......... I missed it Date unknown.
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