The Pocahontas Chronicles
The Norfolk Southernís Pocahontas Division mainline from Bluefield, WV west to Iaeger, WV is an incredible stretch of railroad for a photographer. It includes lots of tunnels, mountains, branchlines, easy access, pushers, interesting little towns, a fascinating history and lots of trains.

US Route 52 generally follows the railroad, at times so close that the ballast touches the road. If Iím spending a day chasing trains I often end up spinning in circles trying to decide whether to chase the eastbound coal drag, the westbound hoppers, the light pusher set, the mine shifter heading for a branch, the grain or the merchandise trains. My best success has been finding a nice spot and waiting for the trains to come to me. Frequently that spot is somewhere between Welch and Elkhorn tunnel where the coal trains are battling the grade.

Kevin Scanlon
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