Intimate Portraits  by  John Fasulo
Dave Knapp. Ran Knapp's paint and Glass shop for  many years here on Main Street.
Michaelangelo Aquaviva, Barber Beacon NY  "Mike" as he was known to his customers had a barber shop in Beacon for decades. Walking into the shop was like going back in time to the 1930's.  MIke often played his mandolin when business was slow. One of his sons was married to the singer Joni James.
Izzy Stone, Jeweler Beacon, NY Izzy is one of a number of local "characters" that Ive photographed over the years Izzy recently retired from business after 50 years as a 'Horologist'
Donegal Ireland 1986 In the far North Western part of Ireland, this elderly gentleman was digging turf to dry and use as fuel
Frank Dondero, Beacon, NY Mr Dondero lived in a local nursing home when this photo was taken. For a number of years, Frank owned and ran an ice cream shop on Main Street in Beacon
John Spurr, Iceboating, Hudson River 1986  The Hudson River Ice yacht Club puts a number of old historic ice yachts on the river each winter weather permitting.  The club has been in existence for over 100 years.
Pete Seeger, Dutchess Jct NY 2005. Pete Seeger has lived in the Hudson Valley since the late 1940's . I grew up with Pete's music. My first recollection of Pete was at the University Settlement  Camp in Beacon where my mother worked as a nurse for a number of summers. Pete was a constant visitor at the camp. Pete's father-in-law, 'Papa Otah was the camp's gardener and would often take me around in the wheel barrow.
   Pete still performs music, usually at benefit concerts. Now in his 80's, Pete is still going strong.
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