The Semmering Railway

Living in Vienna I am lucky to be just one hour train ride away from one of the oldest and most fascinating mountain railroads in the world. Being constucted by Carl Ritter von Ghega between the years 1848 and 1854 it stayed almost untouched in its structure and is nowadays a World Heritage site. It still constitutes part of the main line from Vienna towards the South, mainly due to political quarrels over a railroad tunnel which already has been started and should have been finished several years ago. So, all trains - from express to heavy freight - still have to chug along the narrow bends of this 150 year old railroad. Although some of Ghega's constructions are covered by denser vegetation than in the early days, it is still clearly visible that he put much more effort into presentation than would have been necessary to merely get trains over Semmering pass. I hope some of these photos will bring you a little closer to this beauty, and you can see why its nickname is the "Magic Mountain":
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