Killing carwash time at the railroad museum Part 1

Ljubljana railroad museum, while owned by Slovenian Railroads, is run by the few very dedicated people, on a paltry budget allocated by the deep in the red owner, and the thanks goes only to their extreme enthusiasm for creating such a worthwhile to see gem out of it. The museum owns over 60 preserved steam locomotives, 3 in the operating condition, some 20 (the oldest dating back to 1861) are stored in the old roundhouse of the former locomotive depot Ljubljana Siska, a quarter of mile northwest from the Main station, majority of the rest is located as the monuments at the various stations along the SZ network, and few still rust and wait for the better times at the museum yard. Besides that the museum has one of the largest collections of the interlocking mechanisms in the Europe, great collection of the telecommunication and signaling devices, railroad clocks, handcarts, uniforms, documents, photographs, and paintings.

The roundhouse is divided into two parts - the bigger one is housing restored locomotives, while the smaller part is used as a workshop for the repairing active and restoring inoperable locomotives, and, for the time being, it is shared with the MofW vehicles repair shop, located in the same yard. The place is a fine location for taking photos, especially the workshop area, as the light is still natural, spilling in through windows on the walls, doors, and on the roof, and the all kinds of repairing tools and parts, spread all over the place create very authentic atmosphere.

Usually there is always some activity going on during the work hours in the workshop, but this time, wishing to kill the time while waiting for my car to be manually washed in the neighbor carwash, I came in when the shift of the mechanics was already over, and there was only the museum guide waiting for the afternoon visitors, if someone would drop in. So I turned my attention to the still life, spending one hour photographing various details outside and inside of the museum.

All photos were taken with my Canon point & shoot G6 camera, which I carry all the time in my car, as I never know when a great photo opportunity will come by. It was set to (mostly) B&W mode and ISO 400, its maximum sensitivity, resulting in somewhat more pronounced digital noise (aka grain), but even so the most of the pictures were taken at 1/15 sec and f2 to f2.5 aperture, handheld of course.

This selection of the photos is far from being intended as any kind of a museum showcase; the museum collection is too big and its quality too great to get such quick-march treatment. It is just a pick from the ad-hoc series of the photos taken while waiting for my car to be washed. I will certainly remedy this in the near future. The museum itself, and its committed personnel more than deserve this
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