The Railway Children  by  John Fasulo
     In the mid 1970’s, I took a lighting workshop at the Apieron Photo Workshops in Millerton, NY.  One Saturday morning I drove to Cannan, Ct.
I knew the old station there would have good light and I wanted to get a few shots before the sun moved to high.  As it turned out, the morning sky quickly clouded over and the photo that I had hoped for would not materialize. I continued on into town anyway and pulled into the station parking lot.  I walked around the station and down the tracks, not looking for anything in particular. Not far from the station, spotted on a siding, were two old cabooses. I heard children’s voices as I got closer. Three young boys were playing on the cabooses; climbing the ladders, hiding from one another and doing what boys have done for decades. Their train was climbing the Continental Divide, and they had lost their brakes! I happened along just in time and with all of our efforts, we managed to turn the brake wheel on the caboose and bring the run-away train to a stop! We talked briefly and I began to take photos of them. They loved hamming it up for the camera.  My favorite is the image of the three of them peering over the top of the caboose’s cupola.

Since taking the photo, I’ve wondered where these kids went and what became of them. About a year ago, I contacted the weekly paper in the area and told the story to the editor. She published the photo of the three boys with a short story explaining that I would like to meet them. Two of the children, now grown men, saw the photo and article. We’ve talked a few times and I’m planning to take the photo of the three of them again on top of the caboose which has been moved, but is still nearby. One of the three lives on the West coast and doesn’t get back home to often.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take a new photo of the three of them soon atop the old caboose.  It has been almost 30 years since those images were recorded. We’ve all grown older and I suspect that these three have had children of there own who have climbed the old caboose and had imaginary adventures of their own.

John Fasulo
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