Rise and Shine
In many years of photography I had never been one to get up early, but I loved the evening hours. That changed. Recently I have been working on a small self-assignment to photograph at dawn, mostly near home in Pittsburgh. Combining interests in railroads and steel mills has provided the foreground for my series.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Kevin Scanlon.
A hazy sunrise behind US Steel's Edgar Thomson Works in Braddock, PA.
Pushers on an eastbound Norfolk Southern #720 coal train are passing above the Landmark Bible Church in Coopers, WV.
CSX westbound K603-21 is passing downtown Pittsburgh along the Ohio River on a February dawn.
CSX Eastbound Q-388 is crossing the Monongahela River on the former P&LE Railroad bridge. The long-closed Carrie Furnace of US Steel is in the background.
Norfolk Southern's 21Z is northbound on the Mon Line at Pittsburgh.
CSX westbound K385-03 passes Pittsburgh along the Monongahela River.
Wheeling-Pitt Steel Blast Furnace #5 in Mingo Junction, OH at sunrise. The last operating blast furnace in the Ohio River Valley near Pittsburgh.
This location is called Top Of The Hill in Norfolk Southern's Bluefield Yard on the Pocahontas Division.
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